Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

The Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra is the performing group of the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club.  Under the direction of Neil Pearlman the orchestra performs arrangements of various Scottish and Cape Breton tunes.  In addition to their own Gala concert the fiddle orchestra performs at various festivals and events including the New Hampshire Highland Games, BCMFest and NEFFA (New England Folk Festival).

Performances/Special Events – 2017/18

Neil Pearlman

  • January 21BCMFest performance.  Cambridge, MA
  • April 20/21 – NEFFA (New England Folk Festival).  Mansfield, MA
  • June 9 – Boston Scottish Fiddle Club Fundraiser Concert / Dance / Session.  Watertown, MA

Additional performances TBA

The group includes fiddles, guitars, mandolins, flutes, piano and other instruments.

If you are interested in having the orchestra perform at your event contact Katharine MacPhail.

Join the Orchestra!

If you are interested in joining the orchestra contact Katharine for information and rehearsal locations.  If you are unsure if your instrument would fit in contact Katharine.  We are open to a variety instruments.  Rehearsals are held in the Arlington/Lexington area on select Thursdays.

Orchestra Dues

Please contact Katharine if you would like to join the Orchestra.  You also need to be a member of the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club to join the Orchestra.
Methods for payment:
Orchestra and BSFC dues can be paid online on the “How to Join” page.
Or bring it to an upcoming rehearsal, club meeting or session.
Or make the check(s) payable to Boston Scottish Fiddle Club and send it to Christine Tessier, 37 Wendell St., #22, Cambridge, MA 02138.
Orchestra dues: $60 per year
Annual BSFC memberships (Sept. – August):  $35 Youth, $50 Individual, $70 Family.

2018  Winter/Spring rehearsals with Neil

(Rehearsal before January 22 performance TBA)
  • Thursday Rehearsal schedule TBA
  • February 24 – All-day Retreat
  • June 2 – Recording Session
*Additional optional rehearsals may be held on the alternate Thursday evenings without Neil.

The Back Story

On a cool April evening in Lexington, MA 15-20 fiddlers, guitarists, mandolinists and one flute player are gathered into a large living room tuning up. The Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra is getting ready to rehearse. Led by pianist Neil Pearlman (“a tremendous pianist” –BBC Radio Scotland), the BSFO is a new performance group associated with the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club. Founded more than 30 years ago the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club has long been an important part of the Boston Celtic music scene, sponsoring workshops, sessions and concerts in order to spread the appreciation of Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle music. From 1981 to 1999, fiddler Ed Pearlman (Neil’s father) directed the club, coordinating and planning events and leading a performance group made up of BSFC members in an annual concert series called the Boston Scottish Fiddle Rally, which featured major international fiddling soloists such as Natalie MacMaster, Alasdair Fraser and Ali Bain. In the 2000’s the performance side of the club became less active, until the Orchestra was launched this year. Bringing in Ed’s son Neil to direct the group, the Club has renewed its commitment to bring great Scottish music to the Boston community.